In 1999 J.T. Russell & Sons began bidding on NCDOT projects. In the past 10 years JTR has completed several NCDOT jobs with excellent quality work. We are capable of highway construction from start to finish. Our services range from driveways, parking lots, airports, commercial site development and highways.


JTR is capable of all types of grading dirt or stonework including all types of environmental erosion control.

grading grading Grading grading


We provide the following services: Sewer line, water line & pump stations.

utilities utilities utilities


J.T. & Russell provides milling for road surfaces.

milling milling milling milling milling milling

Asphalt Paving

Our asphalt services are paving operations, milling, widening, and resurfacing. We have laid millions of tons of asphalt in the past decade.

paving paving asphalt paving